Emmerdale fans get emotional after the show 'replaces' Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas played Adam Barton in the ITV soap for nine years – but he didn’t go without a fuss!

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale bid farewell to popular long-running character Adam Barton on Tuesday night, but the cast and crew of the ITV soap surprised viewers when they unveiled actor Adam Thomas' new 'replacement.' Emmerdale's official website uploaded a short spoof video showing actor Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) and Natalie J Robb (Moira Barton) waiting for the new actor, which transpired to be none other than Adam's twin brother – Scott Thomas. The Love Island 2016 finalist said in a mock interview that he was "absolutely over the moon" to be taking over his brother's role. He added: "Between you and me, it was something that was offered to me before Adam even got offered it – but at the time, I just felt like it was his time to shine."

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Adam Thomas was 'replaced' by his twin brother Scott in a spoof video 

Later in the video, Danny and Natalie paid a heartfelt farewell to their friend. Danny said: "Adam, it's been nine amazing years here at Emmerdale, mate, and I know I speak on behalf of everyone that we're going to miss you so, so much." Natalie – who plays Adam's on-screen mum – added: "Yeah, Adam, I love you so much and from everyone at Emmerdale we're going to miss you. We love you!" The heartfelt words of Adam's co-stars saw fans get emotional after watching the video, particularly after watching his final scenes on the show earlier in the evening. On Twitter, viewers left their comments, with one writing: "I laughed and cried. Hilarious, but a bit sad." Another said: "That made me laugh after crying at @adamthomas21 exit." A third added: "You found the perfect man for the job!"

Adam's co-stars made sure his departure was one to remember 

Adam left Emmerdale in dramatic fashion, seeing him escape prison to avoid being wrongfully sentenced for Emma Barton's murder. The former farmer was helped escape by Cain Dingle and his best friend Adam, who had arranged a plan for him to start a new life in France. Despite his ex-wife Victoria's attempts at stopping him leaving, Adam left on a ship, but not without leaving an emotional answer phone message for his mum Moira. The doting son told her to not worry about him, and to make sure that his little brother "grows up to be a legend just like me." Adam added: "You're the best mum and you deserve this chance so don’t waste it on feeling guilty. I’ll be OK, I'm going to have the time of my life out there but you have to promise me the same. Just make the most of it, for me, because I love you mum."