Rochelle Humes reveals why she would never take part in Strictly Come Dancing

We would have loved to see her on the dance floor this year

Andrea Caamano

Two of Rochelle Humes' bandmates, Mollie King and Frankie Bridge, have already taken part in hit BBC dance show Strictly Come Dancing, but fans of the singer will be disappointed to hear that she has revealed she has no plans in appearing on the show.

Although the mother-of-two performed in the Christmas special of Strictly back in 2013, she has confessed that the experience was "nerve-racking" and she was a "bag of nerves", leaving with no desire to return.


"I did the Christmas special of Strictly in 2013, and I was a bag of nerves. That was nerve-wracking enough doing one dance and it took me long enough to get my head round that, so I don't think doing the main show would be for me," she said in an interview with Lorraine.

"I do love watching it though. Every year someone I know seems to be on it, so I love going down to the studio to watch it but I don't think I'll ever take part in the main show. I’ve been asked to do a few reality shows but I don’t think they are for me. Never say never."

One thing the star is happy to do, however, is presenting. And this week, as Christine Lampard heads on maternity leave, the star is stepping in whilst Lorraine Kelly continues her summer holidays.


"It's good to be back. I've done it before, last year, and it's a bit of a whirlwind. It's very different, I do host a radio show by myself, but TV-wise I usually have a co-host. So, this is one of the few things I do by myself, which is nice, but it's also all on you. I don't get more nervous – the team are so lovely on Lorraine and there's a great vibe."

The 29-year-old will no doubt be delighting fans with her interviewing skills, but also with her chic style, as her, and Holly Willoughby's stylist, Angie Smith will be in charge of her morning looks.

"Angie [Smith] does my styling and she's great. I like the mix of being classic and being playful. I like to try and give new looks a go. Off duty, I'm pretty much in pyjamas because I like dressing up so much for my job, and play around, when I'm at home, I'm very much 'at home'," she revealed.

"My friends and my sisters say, 'Oh you know that top you wore the other day on TV'… they know I won't be wearing it again for a while and that they can borrow it. They know how it works.

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