Noel Fielding in tears over latest Bake Off contestant to go home

Danish week was seriously emotional!

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Noel Fielding couldn't hold back his tears during Tuesday night's episode of the Great British Bake Off, where he announced which baking hopeful would be going home. He sounded visibly choked up when he revealed that Manon hadn't made it to the semi-finals, saying: "I've got the horrible job of sending one of you home. Yeah this is going to be a nightmare. The person who is leaving us this week is Manon."


Noel was choked up as he announced who would be leaving the show

Fans were quick to comment on Noel's emotional reaction to announcing the sad news, with one writing: "Noel is crying already. I hate this," while another added: "Oh no mate can't cope with Noel Fielding having a cry." A third person tweeted: "Noel Fielding close to tears is too much #GBBO." The 45-year-old previously revealed that he found it hard to say goodbye to contestants. Chatting on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: "It is difficult because the judges come in and out and [the bakers] are trying to impress the judges but me and Sandi hang with them all the time so they are sort of like our children, we really look after them when they are a bit upset and we try to have fun with them."

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He continued: "It is genuinely like losing someone from your family, it's awful. You don't think you will [get emotional] and then you will. It's a strange show because sometimes I'm watching it and I cry when I'm at home watching it and I think, 'I was there, what am I doing crying again?!'" Speaking about leaving the show, Manon said: "It's going to be okay. It's just baking… I'm a stronger baker and hopefully a stronger person."

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