Ross Geller in Friends

Police are on the search for a Ross from Friends lookalike – and the responses have been simply hilarious

No one told him life was gonna be this way

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Blackpool Police unintentionally caused a stir after posting a CCTV image of a man, asking the public to get in touch if they recognised him. People swiftly responded by pointing out that the suspect has an uncanny resemblance to David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller in the popular sitcom, Friends. The hilarious similarities sparked a slew of Friends-based jokes, with one person writing: "Lay off him. He grew up with Monica. IF YOU DIDNT EAT FAST YOU DIDN'T EAT."


People left jokey comments on the Facebook thread

Another person added: "Please approach with caution. He is known to have studied Karate and we believe he has mastered the art of Unagi, the state of total awareness." A third person put a play on the Friends soundtrack, writing: "It's like you're always stuck in second gear and before you know it you're in SPAR stealing some beeeeeeeeer." Blackpool Police quickly joined in with the fun, responding to the comments by writing: "Thank you to everyone for your speedy responses. We have investigated this matter thoroughly and have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. We're so sorry it has to be this way." David, who starred in Friends from 1994 to 2004, has yet to respond to the viral image.

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After the image went viral, police have appealed again for more information about the theft, which took place at a restaurant on 20 September. The man in the CCTV image in wanted in connection to theft of a jacket, wallet and mobile phone, and the image was taken from the suspect later buying beer from a shop.

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