Another cast member leaves Death in Paradise following heartbreaking exit

We'll miss you Florence!

Emmy Griffiths

First Kris Marshall, then Danny John-Jules, now this?! Thursday night's dramatic episode of Death in Paradise saw Josephine Jobert, who plays Florence Cassell in the popular series, exit the show. In the episode, the DS was shot in the stomach and left for dead, and upon recovering, discovered that her fiance Patrice had been killed. Since she felt like she couldn't stay in Saint Marie following the devastating news, she decided to leave the island, and said an emotional goodbye to her partner, DI Jack Mooney.


Florence has exited the show

Fans were devastated by the revelation that Josephine was leaving the show, with one tweeting: "Can we just take a moment to thank @Josie_official for portraying the INCREDIBLE Florence for the past five years? Honestly one of my favourite characters all round. Her performance has always been ON POINT and just phenomenal. Gonna miss her, and Florence, on #DeathInParadise," while another added: "Nooo Florence, sad to see her go, hope she'll be back." A third person added: "Gutted to see you leave! So glad Florence wasn't killed off. That would of being too much to deal with on my favourite show."

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Speaking about her exit, Josephine wrote: "Guys, I'm going to go to bed and watch a Netflix. I'll answer your messages tomorrow but until then, I just want to say thank you to every one of you for all your support and your kindness and for being there, simply. I'm going to miss you every Thursday. I'll explain all of this in a few days. Don't worry. DIP had been an amazing experience that I'll never forget. And you made it possible because of all the love you brought to the show, years after years. Have a good night."

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