Fans horrified after shocking Death in Paradise cliffhanger

Somebody help Florence!

Fans were shocked after Thursday night's Death in Paradise ended on a cliffhanger, after fan favourite Florence Cassell is left in mortal peril after being shot in the stomach. The final few minutes of the episode saw the DS follow her fiancé, Patrice, to an abandoned warehouse when she is attacked by an unknown assailant. Although the show usually shows a sneak peek of what to expect from next week's episode, the episode simply read: "To be continued."

Florence was shot in the final moments of the episode

Fans were quick to discuss the episode, with one writing: "That was the best episode of Death in Paradise ever, I'm crying and shaking and oh my god FLORENCE." Another person added: "WHAT THE HELL!! I'm seriously not happy about having to wait a week to find out what happens next! Surely can't be the end of Florence @Josie_official? #DeathInParadise." Josephine Jobert, who plays Florence, tweeted: "So the two questions are: who the hell shot Florence? Who dared?! And will she survive...?" She then joked: "Isn't it going to be the longest week ever?"

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Ardal O'Hanlon previously hinted that the series would have a darker storyline than usual, telling Radio Times: "It's definitely got a slightly darker tone, I would say that about it. There's some really dynamic, very dramatic scenes. Something that you wouldn't necessarily associate with Death in Paradise. It's got all the normal Death in Paradise ingredients, but it's got this other dimension as well. There's also kind of a love story, which is explored in episodes five and six." Speaking about her storyline for the new series, Josephine revealed that she was initially reluctant to have a romance on the show, before the producer explained the whole story arc. "I was a bit afraid because I didn't want her to become the girly girl," she explained. "But when the producer called me a few months before we started filming… And then he told me what was going to happen with that love story, and I was like, 'It's brilliant, I love this, let's do this. Are you sure? Because it's crazy!' And he said, 'Yeah – we're going to do this.'"

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