Meet the Line of Duty season five cast

Meet the Line of Duty cast for season 5!

Line of Duty has kept fans riveted since it arrived back on our screens in late March. Ahead of Sunday night's episode, find out everything you need to know about the Line of Duty season five cast. From the new group of criminals to the AC-12 officers – here is the cast list for the popular procedural drama's season five…

Martin Compston – Steve Arnott

Martin plays the straight-laced Steve Arnott, who is fast following in Hastings' footsteps to take down criminals within the police force. He also has really good taste in waistcoats. The Scottish actor was previously a professional footballer before going into acting, and shot to fame with his role in Line of Duty. He has also starred in Mary Queen of Scots, Victoria and Death in Paradise.

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Vicky McClure – Kate Fleming

Vicky plays Kate, the newly promoted Detective Inspector of AC-12. Kate takes no prisoners with her bold approach to her work, and used to work undercover to try to root out dodgy coppers. Basically – she has got SKILLS. The Nottingham-born actress was a big name ahead of her role in the popular show, as she starred in This is England as Lol. She has also appeared in Broadchurch and Svengali.

Adrian Dunbar – Ted Hastings

Adrian plays Ted, the patriarch of AC-12 who is fixated on rooting out bent coppers in the police force. In season five, all signs are pointing to Hastings running into some trouble when suspicion falls on him as 'H', the head police officer blackmailing other officers into committing criminal activity. Of course, we're hoping it's all a red herring, or a 'ted herring', if you will. Adrian has had a lengthy career as an actor, and has previously starred in BBC's Ashes to Ashes, Silent Witness and Death in Paradise.

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Stephen Graham – John Corbett

Stephen joined season five as John, a mysterious officer so far undercover that he hasn't been in touch with his senior officer in three months, and no one knows whether he has gone rogue, is too involved in the crime organisation he tried to infiltrate, or if he really is a good officer trying to bring down the criminal organisation from the inside and finally find out who 'H' really is. The actor has a huge filmography, and has starred in Pirates of the Caribbean as Scrum. Like his co-star, Vicky, he also starred in This is England as Combo.

Rochenda Sandall - Lisa McQueen

Lisa is a member of John's criminal organization, and was long thought to be the real undercover officer before our very first twist of season five. Although she appears to be a committed member of the group, we also see her having a panic attack after Maneet is kidnapped, leading some fans to question whether she might be an officer too. Speaking about getting the role to Radio Times, she said: "I mean, I couldn’t believe it when I even got an audition for the show, let alone get the actual job… I was on the way to Ikea to buy some wardrobes so I went for more expensive wardrobes. Totally lost it in the car, and then I went round all of Ikea and bought loads of unnecessary candles, a stuffed elephant, and then I went and had some Swedish meatballs." She has also starred in Broken and in Black Mirror's interactive episode, Bandersnatch.

Tony Pitts - Les Hargreaves

Les is a side character who runs the Murder Squad, and is (much more importantly) one of the few people in the police force who could be 'H'. Since Les has been in the show since season four, it wouldn't be a surprise if it turned out to be him instead of Ted – we hope so anyway! Tony is perhaps best known for playing Archie Brooks in Emmerdale. He also plays the Chief Superintendent in Sherlock.

Maya Sondhi plays PC Maneet Bindra

Maya plays (or played we should say, sob) Maneet Bindra, a member of AC-12 blackmailed and forced into sharing sensitive department information with corrupt officers. Poor Maneet met a horrible end after she tried to gain access into the crime organisation so that she could redeem herself as a police officer, but gets found out and killed. Speaking about her death scene, Maya said: "You never know what's going to happen with anyone; no one's ever safe but no one's guaranteed not to come back."

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Aiysha Hart plays DS Sam Railston

Aiysha plays Murder Squad officer, DS Sam Railston. She also, incidentally, was in a relationship with Steve (until he was accused of murder, of course). The actress has appeared in the show since season three, and has an on-and-off relationship with the AC-12 officer, occasionally helping him out with off the record information. Aiysha has previously starred in New Blood as Leila Sayyad, and Miriam Shepherd in A Discovery of Witches.