Fan offers genius solution to THAT Line of Duty cliffhanger

Who did Jane choose in Line of Duty?

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Warning, potential spoilers ahead! Fans of Line of Duty were left on a cliffhanger in episode two after a corrupt police officer, Jane Cafferty, picked the identity of the officer who recruited her to participate in illegal activity. The headshots of the various suspects included Superintendent Ted Hastings, and fans were left on tenterhooks after Jane pointed to a picture unknown to the audience, with many people suggesting that she had picked Ted as the culprit.


Did Jane choose Ted's picture?

However, Twitter user 'H29Gibbins' appears to have cracked the mystery of who Jane picked by working out where Kate placed the headshots on the desk, and which one she then pointed to. He shared the picture, which confirmed that she had chosen DC Dot Cottan, writing: "I'm not obsessed with #LineOfDuty, *but*." Fans were suitably impressed with his skills, with one writing: "That's impressive. I was pausing it on iPlayer trying to look down from the top of the screen for a better angle." Another person added: "I am here for this level of obsession." A third person joked: "Excellent. There's a wee job needed sorting out this Brexit thing. Do you want to have a go at that next, fella?"

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Dot Cottan was revealed to be a corrupt officer in the season three finale, and was killed after attempting to escape the police upon being found out. In his dying declaration, the officer told Kate that the 'top dog' in the police had the codename 'H', which provided the base for seasons four and five, as AC-12 attempted to hunt down the identity of the crime boss. Fans have been concerned that suspicions might fall on Hastings in the new series, with one person writing: "Fam if Hastings is bent I don't know if I will be able to cope," while another person added: "If Hastings is corrupt I'm going to burn the place to the ground."

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