First Dates fans have mixed reaction to scratch card prank

What did you think of the prank?

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First Dates was back on our screens last night, and one potential match saw Georgia meet her potential soul mate, also confusingly named Georgia. The pair hit it off right away, and it emerged that they actually already knew one another as the black-haired Georgia revealed that she had previously briefly dated blonde Georgia's niece. If this wasn't confusing enough, the date took another turn when one gave the other a scratch card which revealed that she had won £100,000, which turned out to be a prank.

Some viewers thought it was a brilliant prank to play on the first date, with one writing: "Amazing prank. Shows how much your emotional state is driven by money," while another added: "Okay so where do you get fake scratch cards cause I want to play this prank on people?" However, others weren't as impressed. One person wrote: "That scratch card prank is pretty cruel, luckily she's young enough to have wasted it on 3 x Land Rovers, whereas someone a little more grown up would be thinking about their mortgage or debts." Another person added: "I honestly don't think that's a funny prank to play."

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Speaking about how her date once had a romantic relationship with her niece, Georgia explained to the waitor: "She kind of dated my niece. My sister's 40." She added that she was nervous her niece would be annoyed, saying: "Put yourself in my shoes. I might get murdered!" Despite the prank, the pair hit it off, agreeing that they'd had a lovely date and that they want to meet again. To top things off, Georgia also called her niece, who said she'd be "happy to walk her down the aisle" should the two become serious, aw!

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