First Dates Georgia reveals if she and other Georgia are still dating

Are Georgia and Georgia still going out with one another?

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Fans of First Dates were delighted when, after a slightly bizarre date involving prank scratch cards and a family connection, hopefuls Georgia and Georgia immediately hit it off with one another. While the cute couple admitted that they'd like to see each other again – did the couple actually go the distance? According to black-haired Georgia's Instagram account, their relationship didn't quite work out!

The beautician shared a gallery of photos from her time on the show, and wrote: "Thank you so much to everyone that watched me on First Dates Series 12 Episode 1 and thank you for every single piece of positive feedback! I can honestly say it was one of the most uncanny, overwhelming and best experiences of my life. Everything was so shocking you would never truly understand unless it was you. You only saw ten minutes of a three hour date and let's be honest, it wasn't exactly normal!"

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Speaking about her relationship with Georgia, she continued: "I have found love and everything I desired with my first girlfriend and I am completely besotted. Me and @geoknight remain really good friends and are both so happy with how the show went." She also joked about the fake scratch card, writing: "I can confirm if I won the 100K the money it would have been put towards a business or property- GUTTED! However, @landroversouthend I'm up for a car if you're offering?" Fans were shocked by the date when it was revealed that black-haired Georgia had already dating blonde Georgia's niece. Speaking about how her date once had a romantic relationship with her niece, Georgia explained to the waiter: "She kind of dated my niece. My sister's 40." She added that she was nervous her niece would be annoyed, saying: "Put yourself in my shoes. I might get murdered!"

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