Reese Witherspoon reveals why she's SO excited

We can't wait either!

Hanna Fillingham

Reese Witherspoon was having the time of her life on Wednesday as she got ready for a very exciting day ahead. The actress flew to New York for the premiere of the second series of Big Little Lies, and shared a behind-the-scenes picture from her dressing room as she got ready with her glam squad. In the caption, she wrote: "Getting ready for a very exciting day in NYC! BLL Premiere @biglittlelies (follow along in my stories!)" On Instagram stories, meanwhile, Reese showed her fans inside her impressive dressing room, complete with a giant bowl of chocolates, as she got ready for her first job of the day, appearing on Good Morning America, to talk about the upcoming series.


Reese Witherspoon was having the best day

The second series of the hit show has the addition of Meryl Streep, and during her appearance on Good Morning Britain, the Legally Blonde actress opened up about working with the Hollywood actress, and joked that she had learnt one thing that Meryl wasn't so good at. "I have to be honest, I found the one thing Meryl Streep is not good at," Reese revealed. "It's bowling." The star explained that the cast had gone on a group outing together to a bowling alley. On Meryl's attempts, she said: "She was darn cute doing it and such a good sport to go out there and do it with the whole crew. But it was fun! Yeah, we always have fun and found time to do fun things."

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The second series of Big Little Lies starts next month

Big Little Lies has not only Reese and co-star Nicole Kidman acting in it, but they have produced it to. The show will premiere on HBO on Sunday, 9 June, and will follow the aftermath of Perry's murder. The five mums – known as the Monterey Five – are being observed by a local detective, and the police aren't backing down. Meryl plays the mother of Perry, who is just as determined as the police for answers on her son's death.

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