Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry and Amy start a FIRE ahead of devastating death

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale have been teasing an explosive fire that's set to have devastating consequences, and it all kicks off next week. The ITV soap have revealed ahead of the episodes that the fire will be caused by Kerry and Amy unintentionally, and that following on from that, there will be at least one death. The fire will not only kill one of the villagers, but threaten to destroy many relationships too. Elsewhere, Bernice's Wild West fundraising event is in full swing, and in an attempt to win back Liam, she plans on proposing to him. But will he be able to finally forgive her for believing that he was capable of murder?

Amy and Kerry start a fire at the factory

Having made up at the Wild West fundraising event after being locked in a cage by Jimmy and Dan, Amy and Kerry are up to more mischief the following day. The pair are desperate to get the money they need to pay off someone from Amy's past, and Kerry quickly turns her attention to the charity money from the Wild West fundraiser – which has been stored in the factory safe. Before long, she's setting off the fire alarm and stealing the cash from the safe, but she's later horrified to realise that she's been captured on CCTV. Amy tells her that they must cover their tracks, and attempt to sabotage the CCTV, leaving quickly afterwards. Without realising, the CCTV has started a fire. While Amy hands over the money – thinking that her nightmare is over – it's only just the beginning, as Tracy has been locked in the storeroom. The villagers all gather around the factory as it continues to burn…


A fire is started by Kerry and Amy by accident

Bernice attempts to propose to Liam

Bernice is feeling down after finding out that Liam isn't planning to attend her Wild West fundraising event, but later manages to convince him after giving him the role as the Sheriff. Nicola isn't happy though, as she was hoping to have the lead role, but Bernice confides in her that she's planning on proposing to him later on.


Bernice plans to propose to Liam

Frank is in Tracy and Vanessa's bad books

Tracy and Vanessa are fed up by Frank, who continues to run around after Megan, and is acting furtive. Will they be able to come to their differences? Elsewhere, Tracy continues to flirt with Billy, and decides to wait inside the factory store room to surprise him…

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