Emmerdale spoilers: Bernice fears for safety after finding weapon in Liam's bag

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 15 July to Friday 19 July

Hanna Fillingham

Bernice has been suspicious of Liam for the past few weeks now. Not only has he been acting strangely when she's asked him about his ex-wife, but she even found a balaclava in his briefcase – which coincided with Maya getting beaten up before she went to prison. This week in Emmerdale, the beautician makes another shocking discovery that will make her question whether she is safe with Liam. Elsewhere, Robert puts Dawn in danger as he tries another tactic to get revenge against Lee, while Pete and Rhona celebrate their engagement, but there are already cracks showing in their relationship. Lydia, meanwhile, confronts her past and goes to visit the burial site where her baby was found. David worries while waiting for his hospital results, and finds support in Jacob – much to his delight - while Doug and Liv share a secret when they make a discovery about Gerry.


Bernice and Nicola are horrified by what they find in Liam's briefcase

Bernice in danger after new Liam discovery?

Bernice's anxiety over Liam reaches new heights this week after her and Nicola find a bloodied shirt and a scalpel in Liam's briefcase. Just what has he been doing, and why is he acting so secretively? Will Bernice discover that her romance with Liam has a sinister underlining? Or is there a perfectly good explanation for his behaviour?


Will Lydia stay in the village?

Lydia tries to make peace with her past

Lydia is still determined that she wants to leave the village, but Sam refuses to let her go. She secretly orders a taxi while outside so that she can leave, but Sam quickly notices and rushes out to stop her by standing in front of the car. Lydia ends up getting in the car when Sam is distracted, but she then drives past the site near to where her baby was found, and she asks the taxi driver to take her directly to the train station, where Sam is waiting for her. Sam offers to come with Lydia to the burial site so she can confront her past, and says that if she doesn't find it helpful, he will let her leave. Once there, Lydia breaks down, but will she be able to forgive herself? Or will she make a new start away from the village?

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Is Dawn in danger?

Robert uses Dawn to get revenge on Lee

Victoria receives a letter from Lee's mum demanding a DNA test, and Robert is devastated to see his sister so upset. When he hears that Dawn is wanting some money to support Lucas, he comes up with a plan, and offers her £500 to get Lee interested in her so that he can trap him. Dawn is concerned as they discuss the plan, but ends up going along with it knowing that the money will be beneficial for her son. When Aaron finds out what Robert is planning, he tells him to call it off, but it's too late – as Dawn has already met up with Lee and is flirting with him. He offers to take her somewhere quieter, and she begins to worry, knowing that she has little choice. Will she be okay, and will Aaron and Robert get to her in time?

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