Kevin Clifton has ONE complaint during rehearsals with Anneka Rice

Someone let Kevin Clifton have a nap!

Kevin Clifton and Anneka Rice have been hard at work during Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals, and a new clip on Anneka's Instagram has revealed that her new dance partner was "worn out" after spending the day training. Filming herself on Instagram, she cheekily asked Kevin: "How are you doing Kev?" to which he replied: "I'm worn out… Anneka hasn't broken a sweat, I'm done! I can't keep up."

Kevin joked that he was worn out after rehearsals

Chatting about their day together, Anneka explained: "Look at our huge studio! We've had the best day, we've just been floating around playing dancing – on a Saturday, it's amazing! You can have the day off tomorrow Kevin." The 36-year-old joked: "I'm going to need it… Resting my weary bones."

The TV presenter captioned the video: "Another joyful day in Strictlyland with @keviclifton. Who knew I'd love dancing so much. He is a miracle-maker. I'm not joking, I honestly thought I'd struggle so much there would be no fun involved. Hello! End of our first week and we've managed to learn the routine while still having time for buns, cakes, ice creams. I love the #Strictly diet."


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Following reports that the reigning Strictly Come Dancing champion was upset after being paired up with Anneka, 60, Kevin previously shut down the rumours by saying that he was "very happy" and "very impressed" by his partner. Indeed, the pair seem to be getting along like a house on fire during rehearsals, and Anneka opened up to fans about Kevin's fun teaching techniques during training. In a clip, he asked his partner: "So what have we learned today?" to which she replied: "Well there's the egg. There's the picking up a piece of old tissue that somehow got caught on your shoulder. Fat panda. That's weird, but anyway we know what we're talking about. We don’t need to explain everything to everyone. We don't want to give all our secrets away."

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