Death in Paradise makes huge change to show in season nine premiere

Death in Paradise is changing things up

Emmy Griffiths

Death in Paradise fans were delighted when the popular crime show returned to our screens on Thursday night – but viewers noticed a major departure from the usual style of the show – did you? In the opening episode, the soon-to-be murder victim Vanessa McCormack was getting ready for New Year's before she was murder in the kitchen by a masked intruder.


Did you enjoy the episode?

This was the first time that Death in Paradise had already shown the murderer committing the crime, and executive producer Tim Key revealed that it was a deliberate decision in a recent interview. Chatting to Digital Spy, he explained: "I guess we're always trying to keep it fresh, and to also deliver the show that everybody knows. We show you the murder. At the very start [of the episode] which we've never done before... You see the person being killed, which is a departure for us."


Jack Mooney was on the case

Fans were quick to discuss this change, with one person writing: " Is it just me or does this episode feel different to other series?" Another person replied: "It’s because normally you would see all the potential suspects in the lead up to the murder. Tonight was like Taggart and there was just a Murder and the suspects were filtered in. Still great to have it back."

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Viewers were still unsurprisingly loving the new series, with one tweeting: "My absolute favourite thing about #DeathInParadise is the shift from horrific murder scene to the most upbeat titles music in the history of the small screen." Another added: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. New Year does not officially start until the new series of #DeathInParadise does."

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Season nine will be full of changes as the show's lead, Ardal O'Hanlon, will be leaving the show after the first few episodes, and will be replaced by Ralf Little. Speaking about the casting choice, Tim said: "As a huge compliment, Ardal's character is very nice and very loveable, so we wanted a character who was a bit more challenging for people to bring a bit of friction into the mix and as we talked about it and who would fit the bill. Ralf's name come up, and we immediately said, 'Oh yeah, he would be great.'"

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