Bradley and Barney Walsh are terrified by ghost in Breaking Dad - see the sneak peek

The experience changes Barney's cynical mind about ghosts

Emmy Griffiths

While Bradley Walsh and his son, Barney, have gotten up to all sorts of terrifying escapades in the second series of their TV show, Breaking Dad, nothing – not skydiving, abseiling or swimming with sharks - has scared them quite so much as the latest episode's activity, where the pair went ghost hunting. In the episode, which airs on Wednesday night, the father and son duo met up with the owner of a so-called haunted school, Poasttown Elementary. The pair then take part in a paranormal investigation around the building with professional ghost-hunters. If they get bored of Breaking Dad, they could always bring back a new season of Most Haunted!

While the pair initially had a bit of a laugh during their tour, with Bradley playing a practical jokes on Barney to scare him, Bradley and Barney then appear to genuinely have an unexplained encounter, which changes Barney's cynical viewpoint about ghosts. Speaking about the experience afterwards, Bradley said: "That was unbelievable. I need a cup of tea." In the clip, the narrator revealed that the school is believed to be haunted by "students past, residents who drowned in a flood, or victims of a train crash".


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During the episode, the Walshes also abseiled 130 feet down the Red River Gorge. Speaking about the plan, Bradley said: "How many fathers and sons sit at home watching the football? Loads. Do you know why? Because it’s safe. I honestly really don’t want to do this." After they successfully made it over the cliff, Barney told him: "You’re my dad, but you’re also my best mate, and when we stuff like this, it solidifies it. We have so much fun together, Dad. All the adventures."

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