Lexi from Netflix's Cheer is back at Navarro and fans are delighted

Warning: contains spoilers for the Netflix documentary, Cheer

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Fans have been obsessed with the Netflix documentary Cheer, which follows a group of talented and driven cheerleaders as they undergo intense training for the ultimate cheerleading competition in Daytona. Focusing on several members of the team, including Jerry, Gabi, Morgan, La'Darius and Lexi, viewers became deeply invested in the talented group's futures – and were disappointed to hear that Lexi was kicked off the team shortly after competing in Daytona after being found with illegal substances while out with some friends.


Lexi is back on the team

Since the Navarro team has a zero-tolerance policy on bad behaviour, Lexi confirmed that she had been forced to leave the squad, and the episode concludes with her attending a rave with some friends, hinting that she had returned to the lifestyle that she had before she joined the cheerleading team and received much-needed structure in her life. Viewers were unsurprisingly disappointed with the turn of events in the show, with one writing: "Last ep of #Cheer. Lexi dear, make the right decisions please and stop hanging out with your toxic friends." Another added: "Lexi —I want to fly to Houston right now to rescue her from that rave."


Haven’t been tumbling since October but it’s come-back szn 🤘🏼

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However, Lexi put everyone's mind at ease on Instagram when she revealed that she was actually given one more chance, and was back on the Navarro team for 2020! She posted a photo of herself with fellow cheerleaders TT, Dillon and Jerry, writing: "Honey, I’m home #fiofmu," and replied to a fan when they asked if she was back on the team, simply writing: "Yes." Fans were delighted by the revelation, with one writing: "IDK who needs to hear this, but Lexi is back at Navarro," while another added: "Lexi is officially back at Navarro...I can get some sleep now. Gnight #Cheer family."

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