David Tennant's family: who are the Deadwater Fell star's wife Georgia and kids?

David and his wife Georgia welcomed their fifth child in October

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David Tennant is currently impressing viewers in his role as a grieving father and a prime suspect with secrets to hide in Deadwater Fell. Away from the Channel 4 drama, the Doctor Who star is happily married to Georgia Moffatt, and the pair share five children. Find out everything you need to know about the Tennant family here…

Who is David Tennant's wife Georgia?

Georgia met David when she starred alongside him in the Doctor Who episode, The Doctor's Daughter, in 2008. David usually keeps his private life behind closed doors, but once opened up about his marriage to the Guardian after the journalist joked that it was as if he'd deliberately picked a partner who was the daughter of a Doctor (Georgia's dad is Peter Davison), and he responded: "That's exactly what I did, yes, and there were very few candidates available. It was a limited field."


Who are David Tennant's children?

David adopted his wife Georgia's son, 17-year-old Ty, when they married, and the pair also share Wilfred, six, Olive, eight, Doris, five and a three-month-old who they welcomed back in October. However, the pair have so far remained tight-lipped on their newborn's name or gender.


David revealed that Ty gave his parents a telling off after they announced they were expecting their fifth child on The Graham Norton Show, explaining: "We have number five child on the way. It's very exciting. There is a big spread of ages, with a 17 year old at one end. When he found out about the new baby, he was like, 'You're having another one?' It's odd when a 17-year-old is giving his parents a lecture on birth control!"


Georgia regularly shares snaps of their youngsters on Instagram, but is careful never to show the younger ones' faces. However, she recently tagged Ty's public Instagram in a post. Ty is following in his parents' footsteps in the acting profession, and recently starred in War of the Worlds.  

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Youngest child's health scare

David and Georgia had a scare back over Christmas 2019 after spiked a high temperature. Georgia shared a heartbeaking photo on Instagram of their tot lying in a hospital bed, attached to tubes and wires and sleeping under a blanket. In the caption, Georgia praised the NHS for helping her family, while detailing how the experience will "haunt" her forever. Taking to Instagram to explain what happened, she wrote: "Last Wednesday my NHS GP sent my baby to A&E after spiking a high temperature. Eyes rolling at this seemingly over the top reaction, reluctantly I trudged along, mildly coughing child in tow, to my nearest NHS hospital. We were seen within 10 minutes."

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She continued: "After being checked over by 2 'over the top' NHS nurses and another 2 'over the top' NHS doctors, the now slightly lethargic baby was admitted. What ensued over the subsequent six days will haunt me forever but now back home, on the sofa, my baby tube free and pink again I take away one thing; our NHS is magic. An underfunded, understaffed and under threat sort of magic. Full of amazing people whose 'over the topness' puts people back on sofas together."

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