Is a Death in Paradise spin-off in the works? Creators tease return of fan favourite character

Is there a Death in Paradise spin-off in the works

Death in Paradise is famous for regularly changing up the cast, but fans were particularly devastated when Danny John-Jules, who played Dwayne Myers, left the series back in 2018 to explore new projects. However, the executive producer of the series, Tim Keys, has revealed that they are considered creating a new show for Danny's character.

Would you like to see Danny's return as Dwayne?

Chatting to Digital Spy, he said: "Danny's a friend of the show, and he did it for seven years, and Dwayne’s an amazing character. I would not rule anything out. I think if we had the right story for anybody, we would look at it. But it's also about driving the show forward and evolving it. Again, there's no plan to do that at all for the moment. But Danny's brilliant. I would never say never to anything. It would be nice to do that again."

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Danny has also opened up about a potential return

Danny has previously opened up about possibly returning to the series, telling the Express at the TV Choice Awards: "It’s not what I’ve been saying it’s what everybody else has been saying. All I did, I went into the show and I made my character quintessentially a proper Caribbean character that was believable by all of the people that watch it. I have an idea, but I just need to meet up with the producer, Tony Jordan, to touch base and run it past him."

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The series is due to change once again in series nine as Ralf Little will be replacing Ardal O'Hanlon as the new lead detective on the island of St. Marie. Speaking about their decision to cast Ralf, Tim told HELLO!: "As a huge compliment, Ardal's character is very nice and very loveable, so we wanted a character who was a bit more challenging for people to bring a bit of friction into the mix and as we talked about it and who would fit the bill. Ralf's name come up, and we immediately said, 'Oh yeah, he would be great,' and he came and met with us about it and the minute his name was in the mix you think, 'Yes, he'd be perfect for it.'"