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This Netflix app means you can watch shows with friends while in isolation - and it's amazing 

Netflix Party is helping people to watch shows together while staying inside their own homes

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A handy Netflix app might be the perfect answer to watching shows while hanging out with your friends during self-insolation. Netflix Party is a Chrome extension which you can add to your laptop and use to perfectly synchronise your viewing party with your pals. The app was intended to be used to host long distance film nights - so would be the perfect way to keep safe during the current climate! 

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You can now watch shows with your friends via the app

It is easy to use, simply add the free extension from the Chrome Web Store, begin playing your chosen film and TV show on Netflix then use the 'NP' button located next to the URL bar then 'Start Party'. You can then send the link to whoever you like, who will then be able to watch the same show as you in perfect synchronisation, so long as they also have the Chrome extension. Users will also be able to keep up a flow of conversation on the side of the episode, so you all discuss the episode as you watch! 

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Will you be trying it out?

Plenty of people have started to use the new way of watching Netflix with friends, with one tweeting: "The future of quarantine lies in the hands of #NetflixParty and AirPlay." Another added: "#NetflixParty is a total game changer. Not because we're all quarantined, but because my favorite thing is to watch TV and add commentary, especially with my friends." A  third person wrote: "So @Netflix now has Netflix Party where you and your friends can watch together on netflix and also have a live group chat to socialize while watching. That's dope ! #NetflixParty #NetflixAndStayStill." 

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