The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews: where is Shannon Matthews now? 

The young girl was taken into foster care after being found safe 

Channel 5 is set to air a documentary that looks at the truth behind Shannon Matthews' disappearance back in 2008. After being discovered alive and well, it transpired that her mother, Karen, and a family friend, Michael Donovan, were behind the kidnapping in an attempt to claim the reward money for her recovery.  

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So where is Shannon Matthews now, and has she spoken out since her terrifying ordeal? Find out here... 

Following Shannon's recovery, she was taken into police custody before being placed with a foster family, and given a new identity. Since the original reporting restriction order was due to expire in 2021, the now 21-year-old and her siblings, who were also taken into care, were granted lifelong anonymity back in 2020 by a High Court ruling.

Shannon was kept hidden by her mother and a family friend

Shannon's best friend from childhood, Megan Aldridge, opened about never being reunited with her after her disappearance in the new documentary, saying: "It was upsetting and still is upsetting I'm not going to see her. I literally lost my best friend, like the only person I want to talk to and wanted to be around.

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"I genuinely hope she's living the life she wanted now after everything she's been through, she deserves to be happy."

Shannon's mother Karen was released from prison in 2012

How was Shannon Matthews found? 

Shannon was found in her Karen's boyfriend's uncle's home, where she had been kept for 24 days. Two police officers doing door-to-door searches for Shannon's suspicions were raised after visiting the house, and Detective Constable Paul Kettlewell previously opened up about the moment they search the property and heard Shannon. 

Shannon was found 24 days after her disappearance 

Speaking on Panorama, he said: "I heard Shannon's voice from within this bedroom. I clearly heard her say, 'Stop it you're frightening me now'. Although I knew I'd heard her, I didn't know where she was. And then I became aware of movement within the bed.

"As I went across to the far side of the bed, Shannon's head appeared on that side. I reached over, picked Shannon up and carried her out. I couldn't believe that I'd found her. We had Shannon and she was alive, I just couldn't believe it."

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