7 shows to watch if you like The Handmaid’s Tale 

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The Handmaid’s Tale has been gripping us week after week since season four finally landed in the UK in June, and follows June as she navigates the dangerous world of Gilead as a handmaid. We always want more after our weekly instalment, so what can we watch in the meantime? Here are some shows to try if you’re a fan of the popular series…

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The Americans - Amazon Prime Video 

Elizabeth and Phillip and their two children are just your average family - except that they’re actually Russian sleeper agents. The pair do whatever it takes to serve their country, despite having to commit atrocities to get their result. Sound familiar? 

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The Man in the High Castle - Amazon Prime Video 

If you’re fascinated by The Handmaid’s Tale’s dystopian world, then this alternative look at America if Germany had won the war is definitely a good place to start. The series follows a young woman who lives in the Nazi-ruled USA, but discovers the truth: that they never should have won. 

Westworld - NOW/Sky

In Westworld, incredibly realistic AI, able to think and feel, are used as playthings for wealthy pleasure-seekers visiting the ‘Westworld’ theme park. Unfortunately for them, the AI starts fighting back. An absolute must-watch. 

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Orphan Black - Netflix

One of the most underrated series around, Orphan Black follows Sarah, a petty criminal who is shocked when she sees her doppelgänger, Beth, throw herself in front of a train - before realising that she can pretend to be the dead woman and empty out her bank accounts. In entering Beth’s world, she embroils herself in something bigger than she could ever have imagined. 

Big Little Lies - NOW/Sky 

If you love a female-led cast, you couldn’t do much better than this excellent murder mystery drama following the lives of five women who have children in the same class at school. Each with their own secrets, the series goes back and forth to discover the truth after tragedy strikes - and an unknown person is found dead. 

Upload - Amazon Prime Video 

This futuristic comedy is certainly a lot more cheerful than The Handmaid’s Tale, but is also a look at new worlds and their dark side. In the series, once you die, you can have your consciousness uploaded to an afterlife of your choosing (and, more importantly, your budget). When Nathan is uploaded far too early, he begins to realise that there is more to his death than he realised - and begins to investigate his own murder. 

Years and Years - BBC iPlayer 

Expect heartbreak with this Russell T. Davies series that looks at a normal, relatively happy family as the world changes around them over the years. As far-right political parties gain power, banks collapse and refugees become increasingly mistreated, the show is a terrifying look at just how easily the world could slip into dystopian chaos. 

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