Shaun Evans steps away from Endeavour Morse role in new series Vigil - details 

Are you looking forward to seeing Shaun step away from Endeavour Morse?

Although Shaun Evans is returning as Endeavour Morse for Endeavour season eight later this year, the actor is changing up his role as the dashing detective by playing submarine crew member Elliot Glover in BBC’s new drama, Vigil

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The series, which is set to air on Sunday, sees Suranne Jones as a detective, Amy Silva, who joins the crew to get to the bottom of a murder aboard the ship. 

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Chatting about his new role to the BBC, Shaun said: “Elliot Glover is the coxswain on HMS Vigil. It’s a role that sits and liaises between the highest-ranking officers on board and the rest of the crew, so Glover has to straddle both worlds on the submarine. 

“At the beginning of the series someone aboard the ship - and I won’t say who – needs disciplining, which is a job for Glover, and then a couple of hours later that person is found dead. As a result, a detective is flown aboard the submarine to investigate. The subsequent investigation by her unearths a whole world of simmering tension and hidden agendas.” 

Are you excited to see him in Vigil?

Chatting about what to expect from his role, he continued: “In terms of Glover’s personal life, there’s not a lot I can say without ruining a few twists for you, but it’s safe to say he’s got a secret! When we meet him at the start of the series he’s onboard Vigil working away from his family – his wife and child – for 90 days, which could potentially turn into 180 days.” Sounds intriguing!

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The show airs on Sunday night

The star also opened up about his personal feelings about working on a submarine, admitting that he “could not think of anything worse”. He explained: “Freedom is the best thing, right? The freedom to go and take a walk, get a cup of coffee, get away from people. The idea of not being able to do that or to even step outside to get a breath of fresh air? It is my idea of hell.”

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