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The Mandalorian: Hollywood star’s brother had major role on show - did you spot him?

Now they just need to find a role for their Oscar-nominated father too!

The Mandalorian: Hollywood star’s brother had major role on show - did you spot him?
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The Mandalorian’s penultimate episode for season three saw the most dramatic sequence of events yet as (and spoiler alert for those who have yet to watch) Moff Gideon returns and our hero Din Djarin is captured. However, did you spot a very special appearance from an A-list star’s brother? 

During a Shadow Council meeting held by the show’s antagonist, Brian Gleeson portrays Brendol Hux, the father of Armitage Hux, who fans may remember from the new Star Wars saga as a General of the First Order. 

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Brian is actually the brother of Domhnall Gleeson, who portrayed General Hux in the film franchise. Fans might also recognise him from Bad Sisters, where he played the increasingly frustrated insurance manager, Thomas. Viewers were delighted to spot him playing his brother’s character’s father on the show! One person wrote: "The fact that Brian Gleeson (Domhnall Gleeson’s brother) played Brendol Hux (Armitage’s father) is so freaking cool."

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Brian in The Mandalorian
Brian in The Mandalorian

Another person added: "Nailed the inflexions, too; sounded just like Domhnall," while a third person joked about their dad, fellow actor Brendan Gleeson, adding: "Oh my god! Really? That’s so cool! I was thinking how funny it was that his dad is not only an actor but is already in Star Wars, and they have to cast someone else."

Domhnall Gleeson and his brother Brian © Andrew H. Walker
Domhnall Gleeson and his brother Brian

The show’s finale will take place on April 18, and stunt performer Brendan Wayne and hinted that it will "hurt". Uh oh. Posting on Instagram, he wrote: "The next episode is gonna make you wish you hadn't asked for more... it might just hurt too much." Jon Favreau also spoke about what to expect at the Star Was Celebration Europe, saying: "Hopefully they'll feel satisfied. They'll feel resolved, and they'll also feel a little surprised." 

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