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This hairstyle had Princess Diana 'nervous' according to her former hairstylist

By Julie Delahaye

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The Duchess of Cambridge has referred to her new hairstyle as "mom fringe" and is said to be unsure about whether she likes the look she debuted earlier this year – and it seems she's not the first royal on the world fashion stage to worry about a makeover. Celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight has revealed that his former client Princess Diana was "a bit nervous" when he suggested she wear her hair in a slicked-back style, which would later become one of her most iconic looks.



"She was a bit nervous about the slicked back appearance," he explained to The Telegraph. "Like many women, she used to hide behind her hair. But she looked her best when she didn't do anything to it."

Despite the immense popularity of Diana's hair – women around the world dashed to the nearest hair salon to recreate the look – Sam revealed that the mother-of-two would occasionally try and stray.

"Sometimes she'd go off and have a sneaky perm when I wasn't there," he admitted. "We used to laugh about it together afterwards."

There's no doubt that Prince Harry and Prince William's mother made waves with her gorgeous blonde locks – and she was often spotted stepping out with heaps of volume and sleek styles that firmly established her as one of the biggest beauty and style icons.


Sam revealed that the elegant royal was still always open to new ideas regarding her look – particularly the first time the pair ever met. "She said, 'What would you do if I gave you free reign?'" he reminisced. "I said, 'Cut it short', and she said, 'Could you do it now?'"

Working closely with Diana for seven years, Sam admitted that he sometimes felt she didn't need a hairdresser, because her locks always looked so chic even when she didn't style them.

"I once said to her, 'What would be great is if you didn't have me coming to do your hair all the time, because when you come out of the gym it looks so good,'" he confessed.

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