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How to achieve the ultimate self-tan

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Sun worshippers: we all know the struggle of putting in time and effort to transform ourselves into bronzed beauties, only to end up patchy, red and so not hot. But Bondi Sands founders Shaun Wilson and Blair James have come to our rescue with their tops tips to achieve the perfect tan without baking in the sun all day.It's all in the preparation"For a gorgeous, even tan, prep and clean the skin to eliminate oils and moisture. Use a body brush pre-shower to encourage circulation, remove dead skin cells and encourage a clean base for your tan and finish in the shower by using a body exfoliator."


Bondi Sands tell us how to get the perfect self-tan

Face first"Before applying self-tan to the face, run and ice cube over your nose and surrounding areas, or splash with very cold water, as this will reduce the size of your pores and minimalise the potential of black spots once the tan has dried and developed."Get shady"Choosing the correct shade for your skin is essential – it you have fair skin, we wouldn't advise that you dive straight in with Bondi Sands Dark Foam! Instead, start with a light/medium product and then apply a second layer if you would like to be darker."

Use the Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk after self-tanning to keep skin hydrated

Break it downLeave the dry parts of your body, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet, to last, and only use residue left on the mitt – for example, when tanning your arms apply lotion to upper and forearms, then do elbows and hands before moving on to your legs."Work it in rightAlways use a tanning mitt, and start with a small amount of tanning lotion; you can add more as needed. Apply gently in circular motions when using lotions and sprays and use a long fluid motion when using the foam.Moisturise and moisturise!The dryer your skin, the quicker your tan will fade, so ensure that you are moisturising your body regularly but equally avoid other skin drying factors like dehydration, having very hot showers or spending too much time in salty or chlorinated water. Use Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk SPF 15 every day following your tan application to keep skin hydrated and tan prolonged – added SPF protects you even further from the sun's damaging rays."

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