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Going to a festival? You need these expert hair tips

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With the festival season in full swing, all eyes are on the weather. But fear not, even if the sun doesn’t shine bright, these top tips from hair extension specialists Vixen & Blush will ensure your hair does...Festivals are a great opportunity to have some serious fun with your hair and experiment with edgier trends. But they also equal not washing your hair for days, so Vixen & Blush have found the best estival hair tips to keep your hair under control and looking its best for the duration.

Kylie Jenner

Step 1:Remember, you won’t get to wash your hair for days so give it a really good scrub the day you’re setting off! Use a good quality clarifying shampoo like Pureology Purify shampoo as this will make your hair feel squeaky clean for longer than most shampoos.Step 2:If you were to pack one thing and one thing only - pack some dry shampoo! The best out there by a mile is Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair. It doesn’t feel heavy nor does it have an overpowering smell. It smells like coconuts and does a fab job at clearing up any greasy roots without leaving a film of white dust behind.

Vanessa Hudgens

Step 3:Most festival hairstyles require lots of hair. Remember good quality hair extensions are actually low maintenance. Once styled, the style lasts for a long time – which is exactly what you need when at a festival. The braided styles are 100 per cent possible with hair extensions too, so don’t be put off!Step 4:Get some help fixing your hair into a secure braided style that you can leave to get messier and messier over the duration of the festival. Note – the first day you might think you hair is too set, too perfect, but do try to start with a nice secure braided style and by day two it will have become the ULTIMATE festival look! If you get a friend to help you they can make sure that your style looks good from all angles and is secured properly.

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