Nicole Scherzinger on her X Factor look: 'Less is more'

She is known for her ever-perfect appearance on the X Factor, showing that her fashion choices are just as much a part of the show as the singing. So it's no wonder Nicole Scherzinger has a dedicated beauty regime and a large team behind her red carpet-worthy ensembles.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with HELLO! Online, the 38-year-old - who is looking after the Boys' category this year - opened up about the creative process behind her look. "I like to switch it up depending on how I feel," she confessed. "It also depends on the themes, for example if its disco or diva week. I spend a lot of time on the fittings on what I'm going to wear and then as a team we discuss it and go from there."


Nicole Scherzinger has opened up about her X Factor look

The singer explained how the overall appearance will always depend on her outfit - no matter what. "We always play around with new things and different looks but we will always try to keep it chic and with more of a fashion edge," she noted. "I have an amazing team who I trust, so it's very collective - we all put in our two cents. A lot of times I come with pictures and say, 'What about these eyes or this hair?' It's a whole process, and everybody submits their ideas about what they have in mind for the outfit. Sometimes my team can feel strongly about a particular outfit, and if I see that then I'm happy to try it if it's new."

Nicole, who is of mixed Filipino, Ukrainian and Hawaiian heritage, also discussed the troubles of dying her natural jet-black hair, revealing how the bleach can often turn her hair slightly ginger. "I've spent many years to find the right colourist to make sure my hair doesn't turn too orange," she explained. "You have to constantly tone it, you just need to get a great colourist. It's so funny because all of my fans want me to go back to my black hair."

"My hair has been so chic and as sleek as possible," she said

"I've always wanted to have highlights to show the different layers and the dimensions in my hair - especially when you style it," she added. "Now that I've had my brown hair for so long, I'm thinking of going back to my natural hair. I like switching it up depending on the season and depending on what I'm doing."

Explaining what kind of styles she prefers, Nicole went on to reveal it depends on the seasons. "In the summers I like exploring more the blonde hues and ombre," she admitted. "I think it's nice in the winter to go a little darker, to keep it really chic. But I love playing around with my hair. I think this year on the X Factor I really liked it because it's been so chic and as sleek as possible - so not as big and not as voluminous, not as overdone. Less is more!"

The singer explained how her overall appearance will always depend on the outfit

Week after week, the TV star often surprises us with her beauty, sometimes she will rock a bold red lipstick with heavily lined eyes and then on other occasions Nicole will work a softer shadow with a pink matte lip shade. But when it comes to her natural beauty regime, the singer - who has been announced as the new face of vitamin brand Perfectil - confessed her guilty pleasure is lots of coconut water. "For my skincare I use Perfectil Platinum and for an added boost and I use the collagen shots for the nourishment from within," she said. "On the outside, I drink lots of water and sometimes coconut water."

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