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How to apply clip-in hair extensions

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Many women use clip-in hair extensions to add instant volume to lacklustre locks.

But there's an art to applying and blending the hair for a natural, full look. To help out, we enlisted extensions specialist Sarah McKenna from Vixen & Blush, who have just released their brand new set of clip-ins called Completely Seamless, to give us a step-by-step guide...

Step 1: Start with clean hair as any oiliness at the roots may make it harder to secure your clip-ins comfortably.

Step 2: Section your hair from ear to ear just using your little fingers, rather than a comb. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly straight line!

Step 3: Secure the remaining hair on top of your head with a large clip.

Instagram star Danielle Peazer talks through the Vixen & Blush Completely Seamless clip-ins

Step 4: Taking a backcombing brush or a comb start to gently tease and backcomb the section of hair so that you create a ‘shelf’ to attach your clip in to. Take your time to allow the backcombed section of hair to sit comfortably before starting to clip in the hair. Finally, spray the area with hairspray to provide grip.

Step 5: Next, taking your clip in set, unsnap the grips ready to clip in to your hair. It is a good idea to feel the teeth while clipping them in and making sure that the teeth are pushed through the section of hair fully as this will make the hair feel secure.

Step 6: Once the clip ins are fitted it is best to look at the back of your head with mirrors and make sure that you’re happy that there is no bump.


The Vixen & Blush Completely Seamless clip-ins

Top Tips for clip-in hair extensions

Fitting fewer pieces of hair will make it easier for you to style and to feel confident that they are not showing. Also, having a clip in piece that is completely seamless at the roots will also make it much easier to fit and style and wear with confidence.

If you want to make fitting clip ins quicker, then working with fewer pieces makes it much easier! Just 1 X 100g weft of hair will be suitable for most people for day-to-day use. Whereas for the weekend, more hair can be added when there is more time to spend on styling!

Don't be afraid to fit your weft higher up on the head as this help it to blend in with your own hair more easily. Once you invest in a good quality clip in piece that has a completely seamless connection then you won’t have to worry about it showing!

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