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Meghan Markle's teeth will be the most requested look of 2019, says dentist 

"A Meghan Markle smile is the new trend for 2019 - it’s what many of my clients ask for"

meghan markle teeth
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Dr Richard Marques is known by the industry as the 'King Of Smiles' and is one of the most popular and sought after dentists in the UK. We spoke to Dr Marques about 2019 dentistry trends, and he revealed that the Duchess of Sussex’s teeth is the new look that his patients are loving.

“I think we are leaning towards a more natural look for the teeth,” he said. "A Meghan smile is the new trend and is what many of my clients are often asking for."

meghan markle teeth

But what makes Meghan's megawatt Hollywood smile so appealing? "Meghan’s smile is gleaming white, her teeth are perfectly aligned, and their shape is just right in length and width. She knows her teeth look good, and she isn’t shy about showing them off," Dr Marques told HELLO!

"If there is anything a potential cosmetic dentistry patient can learn from Meghan, it's that an amazing smile pays dividends in photos, makes you seem more approachable and down to earth (even when you’re posing for engagement photos with a Prince), and, simply enough, makes you look amazing. Meghan's smile helped her land acting roles, and if she bestowed that smile on Prince Harry, it undoubtedly won him over. Your smile can make you lucky in career and love too."

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But what kind of dentistry work has the Duchess of Sussex had done? "If you do a Google search for Meghan's teeth, you will easily discover grainy high school yearbook photos that show her smiling widely, but with a gap between her front teeth. A round of braces or Invisalign could have tightened up those spaces while a teeth-whitening treatment could have brightened her teeth, because in Meghan's sorority photos from Northwestern University, she is sporting a flawless, straight, white grin."

The smile Meghan reveals now, however, is "likely the product of a smile makeover consisting of porcelain veneers or Lumineers, and perhaps even a crown or two on her molars. Whatever cosmetic dentistry Meghan has had done, it works."

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In his other predictions for the year ahead, Dr Marques - who can be located at Wimpole Street Dental - believes his clients will move away from the TOWIE / Hollywood look going forward. "While I believe veneers continue to be a trend for 2019, clients are moving away from the look of big white and very even, and veering towards a more natural looking aesthetic – the veneers can still be white in appearance but the desire is for them to look more like real teeth."

And just like our obsession with fast fashion has waned, he believes fast dentistry will stop, too. "In my opinion, people are becoming more patient with results so many will decide to opt for straightening, whitening and aesthetic reshaping as an alternative option to the quicker fix of veneers, for example.

"Improvements in 'invisible' braces technology such as Invisalign and lingual braces (behind the teeth) are desirable to patients and will make these treatments more popular."

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