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Davina McCall reveals her children inspired her to get braces in her fifties

She was grinning from ear-to-ear...

davina mccall
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Davina McCall joined Ruth and Eamonn on Friday’s This Morning to help viewers with their health, fitness and confidence issues. When one caller rang to ask Davina about getting braces later in life, Davina revealed her children inspired her to transform her smile. She told the caller: “It’s the easiest, enormous makeover anyone can have, and I never really realised the impact of straightening your teeth until my kids had it done themselves and I went to see the orthodontist with them. Not only did their smiles transform, but the way they smiled, and the way they carried themselves - and suddenly they were in every photo [grinning] instead of being tight-lipped. It is an incredible thing to do and you kind of underestimate the power of a smile.”

davina mccall

Davina McCall was a welcome addition to the blue sofa on This Morning 

The mum-of-three continued: “The problem is, I think, to get braces later in life you can’t get them on the NHS and it is prohibitively expensive, but they do do deferred payments on a loan, and you’d get a loan for a car but this is for you, this is for the rest of your life and if it’ll give you confidence it’s well worth it.”

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Davina was on the show to promote her 15th fitness DVD, and recently she responded to body shamers who tell her that she’s too skinny. Speaking to The Metro, she said: "I want to promote health and fitness and that's why I get slightly irked with people going, 'I’m too skinny,' because I am really healthy. I mean, I go to the doctors once a year for a little MOT and every year they go, 'Bloody hell, you’re amazing'. ‘She continued: "And, in fact, I’ve probably got healthier. Like my cholesterol is better, my blood pressure’s amazing, my BMI is perfect, I'm within the normal range, I’m not at the bottom of the range for all those naysayers. So that bugs me because I’m a very healthy person." The star concluded: "Everybody just needs to look after themselves and stop judging other people."

If you’re looking for a new confidence coach for 2019 - Davina’s your woman.

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