Top tips to achieve perfect coloured hair

Have you been thinking about dyeing your hair?

Here’s a guide to help you achieve the results you want, with help from Pantene’s Colour Protect range created to care for coloured hair.


1. Take the texture and condition of your hair into account when choosing a hair dye. Marie Robinson, international ambassador of colour to Pantene, also advises you to consider how often you’ll need to go back to the hairdresser for retouching when you are choosing a colour.

2. If your hair has a tendency to become frizzy you’re advised not to go for too radical a colour. According to Marie Robinson, in that case it’s best to opt for highlights.

3. When you return to the hairdressers for a touch up, try to ensure that only the new uncoloured growth is dyed and not the full head of hair. This will help to avoid hair damage through over-colouring.

4. A change of hair colour could really revitalise you. Marie Robinson reminds us not only to think about the new hair colour though, but also to consider our overall new look with the make up we choose and the clothes that we’ll be wearing.

5. Think about how often you wash your hair as this will directly impact on the maintenance of your hair colour later. That doesn’t mean that you have to wash your hair less when you have dyed it; simply that different hair needs different care. According to Frauke Neuser, Pantene’s scientific expert, the best advice is to choose a hair colour and after care products which will prolong your new colour for as long as possible, so that you can continue to wash your hair as often as you usually do.

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