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First aid for summer-damaged hair

A trip to the salon and the right choice of hair products are essential to get your locks back in condition after the summer.

14 September 2010
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Summer sunshine may be good for the spirit, but it isn't always so good for the body. In particular, unless you usually have greasy hair, the chances are that your tresses have suffered from and are now in need of some extra TLC.  Even if you have seen the benefits of the sun on greasy locks, and noticed your hair lighter and brighter in recent months, this is still a good time to take stock and make sure sure your barnet's on top form to face the new season.


The ravages of summer

The sun's ultraviolet rays, coupled with the dry dust of city breaks, or salt and chlorine from beach and pool holidays, affect the keratin, breaking down the structure of the hair fibre. The hair dries out and becomes more fragile, it may become frizzier and ends tend to split. This is especially true of permed and tinted hair, and with the latter it may be accompanied by a lightening of the colour. Clearly, it's time to lavish a  little care and attention on your locks to offset the damage.

First stop: the hairdresser's

Even if it's only for a quick trim to get rid of those split ends, a trip to the salon is a must. Your stylist will be able to advise whether more drastic treatment is needed, and will be able to take steps to rectify changes in colour and any other major sun-damage that may have occurred.

Follow up with the right hair products

Autumn's on it way, bringing with it cold, rain and wind, so you need to make sure your hair is ready to cope with these new challenges and fully restored to its natural strength and vitality. After your stylist has repaired the worst damage, choose nourishing shampoos and conditioners that you can apply at home, not forgetting those products designed specifically to re-hydrate coloured hairand deal with split ends.

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