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Waves aren't just for the beach: Show off tousled tresses all summer long

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The most loved summer hairstyle tends to be those gorgeous waves you get after a day at the beach. But you don't need to be on holiday to create these natural curls; embrace the summer look on and off the sandy shores, as demonstrated by celebs including Jessica Biel, Kirsten DunstClemence Poesy and Lea Michele.

Here HELLO! Online beauty writer Alexandra Light shares her top tips on achieving this undone do, sans sea and sand: 

Plait away 

Braids are a great way to achieve gentle waves. The night before, wash your hair. Comb through and apply some styling product with light hold to the mid-to-end lengths of the hair. Now plait and fasten with a hair tie. When you wake, feel the plait to ensure that it is completely dry. If it still feels quite damp, dry it off with a hair dryer before unbraiding. After unbraiding the plait run your finger through the hair to mess up the waves slightly. Try not to brush them through – this can result in a frizzy finish.

A pinch of salt

The sea's salty water lends your hair a beautiful rippled appearance. To recreate this at home, invest in a good salt spray that will leave you with tousled tresses. REF Ocean Mist, £10.75, will do the trick. Alternatively, you can make up a simple salt-water solution at home by mixing 1/4 cup water to 2 teaspoons salt. 

Magic wand

After washing your hair, apply a few drops of Moroccanoil Treatment while still wet. Follow up with Moisturizing Styling Cream, starting from mid-length and working the product to the ends. Part into three equal sections, two on the sides and one in the back. Starting with the back section, take a section of hair about one inch wide. With the help of curling tongs, coil the tufts, leaving the ends straight. Make sure to alternate the direction of each curl between clockwise and counter-clockwise. Continue in this manner with the two side sections until your whole head is a mass of spirals. Once done, use your hands to lightly shake your tresses so that they lose their tight ringlet effect, becoming wavy and relaxed. Add a touch of hairspray to keep the look all day.

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