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Parting placement is hotly contested backstage at fashion week and it seems ‘side’ won out this season. At Victoria Beckham, Akris, Loewe, Ottolinger and Dawei, models wore their wet-look hair in deep partings.

“The hair look this season is androgynous and confident,” commented Victoria Beckham. “I wanted it to feel effortless and rebellious, turning the idea of femininity on its head.”

While a middle parting showcases facial symmetry, accentuating the eyes and lips, a side sweep can be used to add angles and height - creating a more contoured appearance.

And although side partings were slicked back on the catwalk, celebrities seem to be embracing the trend with height and movement. Giving more than a nod to the Mob Wife trend, Rita Ora, Sydney Sweeney and Kylie Jenner have all opted for an off-centre parting recently with cascading layers.

“Side partings are very much personal preference,” says Emma Vickery, Art Director at Percy & Reed. “Some people like to have a really clean part going all the way back to the crown, whereas other people prefer some fullness at the top of the head - here you can cut the parting off, just before the centre point of the head.”

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To draw the actual parting line, Lili Bridger, Senior Stylist at Larry King South Kensington, suggests using a pintail comb and starting just above the eyebrow arch. “Create the parting while your hair is wet to encourage it to fall into place as it dries” she says. “If you have a jumpy parting, using no-crease setting clips whilst the hair is drying will help weigh down your hairline.”

Hello! Fashion shares how to style a side-part this season: 

Victoria Beckham© Launchmetrics

Victoria Beckham

Backstage at Victoria Beckham, hairstylist Anthony Turner prepped damp hair with a strong hold mousse, before creating a low side parting. Pulling through a soft bristle brush, directing the hairline slightly back, he secured a ponytail at the nape of the neck - using an elastic for tension.

Akris© Launchmetrics


“Draw a pintail comb backwards, starting from the brow,” suggests Emma Vickery, Art Director at Percy & Reed. “A single movement with momentum makes it much easier than trying to stop and start.”

Ottolinger© Launchmetrics


“Here, the parting follows the hairline’s natural recession for a more glamorous look,” explains Lili Bridger, Senior Stylist at Larry King South Kensington.

Loewe© Launchmetrics


For a clean side parting, Emma suggests using a metal pintail comb: “You can use a plastic one, but a mental ending will create a more precise finish.”

Dawei© Launchmetrics


After applying hair wax and a finishing cream, Emma points out that you can use a diffuser to help set the hair in place: “But make sure you hold it far away from the head.”

Rita Ora © Getty

Rita Ora

If you’re switching to a new parting placement, Lili says: “It may take a couple washes and styles before it settles into its new position.”

Sydney Sweeney© Getty

Sydney Sweeney

“Fringes and face-framing layers above the cheekbones should still be cut in with a more central parting,” advises Lili.

Kylie Jenner© Getty

Kylie Jenner

A side-part can close off parts of the face and pull attention to specific features, like the jawline and cheekbones.

Zendaya© Getty


More Old Hollywood than mob wife, Zendaya’s go-to hairstylist Tai Simon used hot rollers and then pinned each curl to keep this deep side-part in place.

Simone Ashley© Getty

Simone Ashley

“With fine or extremely thick hair, I would veer the side parting towards the centre crown for balance,” says Lili.  

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