What to know before going for bangs

Bored of your current hairstyle and fancy a change?  

A fringe could be just the thing. The right one on your face shape will make your eyes sparkle, show off your amazing cheekbones or help hide a high forehead.

Today's freshest looks show off the three main types: Sideswept, brow-skimming and short, sharper bangs.



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Types of fringe 

Full – From a strong, heavy full fringe – think Lily Allen – to the softer, more grown out look – Kate Moss. Nearly everyone can wear a full fringe as long as it is tailored to you. Just remember fringe to face ratio, ideally you need more face than fringe!

Sweeping – Can be worn at any length to suit you and works great with movement in the hair. Cameron Diaz has worn her hair in this sexy style.

Short – Not for the faint-hearted. Think Katy Perry, a high maintenance fringe that makes a huge statement.

One of the first things we tend to think about when debating a radical haircut change, like a fringe, is face shape. 

But our hair type is key, too.

Pointers to help you along the way: 

• Have you got wild curls, pin straight fine hair or something in-between?

• Does your hairline have a cowlick or other strong movements?

• Does your hair grow back away from you face or straight down, always falling on to your face?

• Ask yourself what style of fringe would best suit your lifestyle and your look, and how much time you want to spend on your hair in the morning.

• What do you want your fringe to say about you and how much of a statement do you want to make?

Consult a hairdresser. Nicky Clarke have salons throughout the UK and have recently opened a new venue in Mayfair, London. Call 020 7491 4700 to book an appointment.

A fringe can be a great way of creating a fast and dramatic change in your life, just consider the above carefully as some can take quite a while to grow out!