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Go with the 'fro: Join Thandie Newton in embracing your natural curls

June 14, 2012
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For years, Hollywood stunner Thandie Newton championed sleek, straight locks. But lately, the actress' wild, glossy curls are the crowning glory of her public appearances. Let Thandie inspire you to take a break from endless chemical treatments, and use our guide to help ride the wave of your naturally curly texture.



Out with the old, in with the real you Celebrity hair stylist, Charlotte Mensah is one of the UK's top professionals in the natural afro hair industry. She stresses the importance of having an advised strategy in place before growing out treated hair. "Make sure you have a consultation for the transition from chemical to natural. Growing out your hair will leave you with a mixture of virgin and treated hair. Managing two different textures is difficult to deal with, so address the balance by setting the hair – either in rollers or rods for a uniform look. A trick I often use is wrapping the hair around straws! It gives a nice, evenly defined curl. If this is too time-consuming, the alternative is a short crop – many women are surprised by how fantastic this can look." Whatever route you choose, Charlotte has one golden rule: moisture, moisture, moisture.


A good reconstructive treatment with Shea Butter is a winner, and for day-to-day care, natural products such as Palmers Hair Dress or Macademia's Healing Oil Spray guarantee moisturised, manageable curls.

The miracle of Mizani Charlotte stamps her seal of approval on the Mizani System. Their comprehensive range of professional products are specially developed to care for excessively curly hair of every different variety. Rush salon's afro hair specialist Emmanuel Barnet seconds her choice, and offers his tips for a stellar look to rival Ms Newton's. "For luscious curly locks like Thandie's, there's nothing better than Mizani products as they keep the curls really fresh. Their True Textures Perfect Curl is great for a really glossy finish. I always tell my customers to use twisting techniques overnight to keep the curls defined, rather than frizzy. Divide the hair into four sections, coiling it in your hands.


Then, tie the hair up in a silk scarf before going to bed. In the morning use the Mizani Gloss Veil to loosen hair – et voila: wild, natural curls!"If you feel you can't achieve definition on your own, there's no harm in using styling tools to help you ride that perfect wave. Enrapture's Totem Styler can help you achieve many looks, from tight curls or teased out, glamorous waves. The most important aspect of going au naturel is your attitude. "For a long time, big, curly hair was seen as a statement, and never as the stylish or fashionable option," Charlotte concludes. "That is no longer the case, so go and wear your curls with pride!"


Report by: Andrea Maltman