Cheryl Cole: 'Blondes do have more fun'
Cheryl Cole, who recently left her trademark brown curls behind for lighter locks, has revealed that "blondes do have more fun".

Speaking to HELLO! magazine in this week's issue, the 30-year-old singer talks for the first time about her new look. "The thing I love about being a blonde is that you feel that you can have more fun," she says. "There's that famous quote, 'Blondes have more fun,' and I think they do."


Cheryl Cole's new ad for L'Oreal

Talking exclusively on the set of her new L'Oréal Paris campaign, she adds: "I never stop playing with hair colour, it's something I enjoy and love doing, even if it's going lighter for summer. I am feeling pastel colours at the moment and being a blonde I can do more, so it should be fun."

The former Girls Aloud singer certainly knows how to turn heads and last week she was also sharing her tips for getting people to sit up and take notice at the X Factor auditions.

As she prepared for the biggest ever audition tour, which started on Saturday, she said: "If you do something original or a good remix or something that makes people sit up and listen, that's a good start. So go and do some research, find some unique ways of singing songs we’re already aware of."


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Cheryl showing off her new hair colour

For the first time, Cheryl has fused her own love of performing with her role as the face of the L'Oréal brand in the upcoming ads, which launch later this month. "It's always something I wanted to do, to combine the performing side of what I do with L'Oréal Paris. When I'm performing, I need my style to stay in place so everything just seemed to make sense that we married the two," she says as HELLO! was given a sneak preview.

To find out why Cheryl chose the song Pretty Girl by Stockholm Syndrome for the new Féria Go Louder and much more, buy this week's issue, available now.