Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's stylist reveals her haircut was a 'spontaneous decision'

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini surprised fans when she unveiled her new short hair 'do, but it sounds like the decision to chop off her locks also came as a shock to her stylist. Paul Percival – the man who worked the scissors – spoke about Cheryl's quick decision during an appearance on This Morning.

Paul revealed that although the singer had talked about going shorter for a while, it was in fact a "spontaneous moment" to go ahead with the cut.

"She's the bravest woman in the world because it was in the changing room [at The Graham Norton Show]," said Paul. "We had an hour and we literally cut the whole lot off – 14 inches – and totally changed her look."

Ready for our appearance on This Morning.

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Paul Percival (left) revealed that he only had an hour to cut Cheryl's hair

The stylist to the stars added, "We talked about just doing a trim, and then we were like 'let's just do it'... so yeah, I'm super happy."

When asked if he felt nervous cutting Cheryl's hair, Paul confessed, "When I realised we had an hour to do it, there was a certain amount of pressure!"

"To be honest, she knows exactly what it is she wants," added the hairdresser. "And yes, there were other people in the room and you hear the odd gasp, but she's strong-willed and we were both pretty sure.

"She's a great canvas at the end of the day. It's very difficult to go wrong, so we went for it. The positive feedback has been great."

Morning people .. Getting to grips with my new "do" 💋

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Cheryl had 14 inches of her trademark locks cut off

Cheryl's fans have certainly given their approval, as the original image the star posted on Instagram, in which she unveiled her new hairstyle, gained more than 45,000 likes.

The I Don't Care singer followed it up with another snap the following day. The second photo, which showed off Cheryl's 1970s-inspired hairstyle from the front, was captioned, "Morning people .. Getting to grips with my new "do"."

Her followers were quick to comment that the gorgeous Geordie resembled Jennifer Aniston's long bob when the actress played Friends character Rachel Green.

The chop comes three months after Cheryl topped a poll for the most requested celebrity hairstyle of 2014 with 24 per cent, closely followed by style icon The Duchess of Cambridge, who received 21 per cent.