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The best hair-loss shampoos - with expert tips on preventing thinning hair

Adding one of these shampoos to your haircare regime can do wonders

Best hair loss shampoos
Katherine Robinson
Senior Lifestyle Editor
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Hair loss and thinning hair is one of the most common haircare troubles - and it can be caused by anything from stress to medical conditions, menopause or diet.

While it’s always a good idea to check in with a doctor when trying to find the root cause of hair loss, many people find that adding a specially formulated hair-loss shampoo to their haircare routine can help with hair regrowth as well as preventing breakage and adding volume to fine hair.

Do shampoos for hair loss really work?

There’s no one-size-fits all cure for hair loss - and what works for one person may not work for another. But, hair loss shampoos are definitely a good product to try - and many haircare fans swear by them.

We spoke to award-winning Award-winning hairdresser and founder of Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing, Robyn Wood, who told us: “Hair loss shampoos are a good place to start; however, doing your research is key! I would always recommend checking ingredients before using any new products - you want ingredients that help induce hair growth and may be left disappointed if a product doesn’t live up to this. 

"If you are going to use hair loss shampoo, I would recommend doing this in conjunction with a healthy diet and sourcing the correct vitamins to go alongside this."

Scroll to the end for Robyn's top tips for preventing hair loss and thinning hair...

How to use

Most manufacturers suggest using hair loss shampoos at least five times a week for three months or so to see results. Take a small amount (the powerful mix of active ingredients means that you don’t need an excessive amount) and massage into the scalp, working up a good lather.

Leave on for three or four minutes to let the shampoo’s ingredients absorb, then rinse away. Some shampoos are leave in, others can even be applied to dry hair asa smoothing agent - check the instructions carefully.

How we chose the best hair loss shampoos

  • Price: We wanted to cater to all budgets in this round-up, so whether you're looking for something on the cheaper end of the scale or if you have more to spend, you'll find a product that best suits your needs.
  • Trusted brands: The brands featured are all known and loved by the HELLO! shopping team of experts.
  • Reviews: We always recommend products we’ve used and loved - in the instance we couldn't test the hair loss shampoo we included hair loss shampoos that only had a high volume of positive reviews from verified shoppers.
  • Best-sellers: All the hair loss shampoos featured top the best-seller lists of our trusted retailers
  • Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo

    Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo

    Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo

    • Main ingredients: Biotin, Argan Oil, Rosemary, Niacinamide, Caffeine, Lupin Protein, Allantoin
    • Size: 250ml
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Yes
    • Hair types: All
    • Top review: “I've been using this shampoo on my hair, and it's been a game changer. From the first wash, this shampoo made my hair substantially smoother and more manageable. It lathers well and a little goes a long way, with long-lasting results. The combination of ingredients moisturises deeply and is the finest I've discovered for restoring suppleness. It's now a staple in my hair care regimen.”

    Editor’s note: I can personally recommend this hair loss shampoo as I’ve been using it for the past year and I’ve really noticed a difference with my hair quality and regrowth. I love how it smells and it’s great that a little goes a long way. I use it with the Watermans Hair Growth Conditioner too and my hair is super shiny and soft.

  • Kerastase Densifique Bain Dentite Shampoo

    Kerastase Densifique Bain Dentite Shampoo

    Kerastase Densifique Bain Dentite Shampoo

    • Main ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Stemoxydine, Ceremides
    • Size: 250ml
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Not specified
    • Hair types: All
    • Top review: "I have been using this shampoo for a few years and wouldn’t use anything else. It gives my fine hair lots of body and keeps it in very good condition. Although expensive, it lasts for ages."

    Editor’s note: If you have a little more to spend, Kerastase’s Bain Densite bodyfying Shampoo is definitely one to consider. It is more expensive, but multiple reviews say it last for ages and smells amazing. Great to add body to fine hair as well as helping with hair loss.

  • Alpecin Caffeine Natural Hair Shampoo

    Alpecin Caffeine Natural Hair Shampoo

    Alpecin Caffeine Natural Hair Shampoo

    • Main ingredients: Caffeine, Caffeine, Panthenol, Zinc, Niacin, Menthol, Castor Oil
    • Size: 375ml (pack of two)
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Yes
    • Hair types: All - but specifically targetted at men
    • Top review: "Alpecin Caffeine Natural Hair Shampoo is my go-to remedy against thinning hair. This German-made gem not only smells fantastic but has visibly improved the thickness of my locks. The duo pack is a bonus, ensuring my hair care routine is always on point. A must-try for men seeking thicker, healthier hair!"

    Editor’s note: This hair loss shampoo is the top-selling men’s hair loss shampoo in Germany, and it’s well-received on Amazon, where it has over 7,400 positive reviews. Why is it specifically targeted at men? Its special caffeine complex inhibits the negative influence of testosterone at the hair root to prevent hair loss. It’s also formulated for sensitive skin - men’s skin is more sensitive than women’s skin because of testosterone - it makes men’s skin less robust and weakens its natural protective function significantly.

  • Philip Kingsley Denisty Shampoo

    Philip Kingsley Denisty Shampoo

    Philip Kingsley Denisty Shampoo

    • Main ingredients: Hyper-Branched Polymers, Hydrolyzed Pea Peptides, Strengthening Molecules
    • Size: 200ml
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Yes
    • Hair types: All
    • Top review: “My hair is thin and not so great as menopause it’s doing its worst on it. I only used this shampoo twice as I bought it last week first time. I am pleased as my hair’s texture is already with more structure, feels smooth but has body and looks much more than before. On top of it it smells great and the amount of money you pay for it, is just nothing as it’s worth every penny.”

    Editor’s note: Philip Kingsley is a trichologist-backed haircare brand, and a go-to many swear by to target a variety of hair concerns, including hair loss. There are a whole host of ranges to shop to suit every need, from detoxifying scalp treatments, nourishing formulations, and thickening capsules, but the Density range is the go-to for hair growth.

  • Champo Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner

    Champo Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner

    Champo Pitta volumising shampoo and conditioner

    • Main ingredients: Caffeine, Haritaki fruit, coconut extract, fatty acids
    • Size: 2 x 260 ml
    • Hair types: coloured and treated hair
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Yes
    • Top review: “Pitta is amazing. It has really help boost my fine locks into a more voluminous look and manageability. I had hair loss due to stress and the whole Pitta range has helped encourage new growth over time and is worth every penny to me.”

    Editor’s note: You might be surprised at the tone of this shampoo - it’s grey! That’s due to the haritaki fruit extract in the formula, which the brand doesn’t mask with artificial colour. Champo’s Pitta shampoo and conditioner are made with 98% naturally derived ingredients and over time, helps reduce hair loss by protecting from breakage while also promoting healthy hair growth. You can use the conditioner not only in the traditional sense, but also as a heat protector on mid-lengths before drying and it also doubles as a dry hair smoother to instantly eliminate frizz and conceal split ends.

  • Pantenne Grow Strong Shampoo with Biotin and Bamboo

    Pantenne Grow Strong Shampoo with Biotin and Bamboo

    Pantenne Grow Strong Shampoo with Biotin and Bamboo

    • Main ingredients: Bamboo, Biotin, Pro V Blends
    • Size: 1 litre
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Not specified
    • Hair types: Damaged, dry, thin, fine hair
    • Top review: “Love this and would recommend for moisturising and conditioning qualities the pump action delivers measured amount with no drips. Great for the shower.”

    Editor’s note: The edge this shampoo has over the others in the list is that it comes in a huge 1-litre bottle, meaning it’s incredible value for money. To get the most benefit, most hair loss shampoo manufacturers recommend you use the daily for at least three months, so with Pantenne’s bottle, you won’t be running out any time soon!

  • Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Coloured and Stressed Hair

    Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffiene Shampoo for Coloured and Stressed Hair

    Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo for Coloured and Stressed Hair

    • Main ingredients: Caffeine, Polyquaternium-10, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Camellia Sinensis Extract
    • Size: 250ml
    • Vegan and animal cruelty-free? Yes
    • Hair types: All, ageing, colour treated, damaged - targeted at menopausal hair loss
    • Top review: “I don’t regularly write reviews but feel the need to let people know how great this shampoo really is After washing my shoulder-length hair  I didn’t need to condition as the shampoo left my wet hair really soft. I then proceeded to dry and was amazed at the condition. It was silky soft and looked great, the hair loss on the brush was a lot less than usual and when checking the filter plug in the bathroom there was a significant difference in loss of hair - less than half the usual amount."

    Editor’s note: This brand was recommended by Holly Willoughby’s hair stylist in her lifestyle blog Wylde Moon and it’s the best-selling hair loss shampoo in Germany. It’s also well received at Amazon, with a 69% five-star rating. It’s particularly aimed at preventing menopausal hair loss with its unique galenic formula and its Phyto-Caffeine Complex (caffeine plus active botanical substances)

What else can I do to prevent hair loss?

"Hair loss can be caused by several factors such as diet, hormones, changes in medication, illness, stress and age," says Robyn. "It’s important to examine these factors and determine why your hair may be thinning. I am a big believer in putting good stuff in to get good stuff out. Anything to do with hair growth and not the condition of the hair will mostly come from inside your body. 

"A great way to give it a boost is to take hair skin and nail supplements. There are plenty on the market, I take gummies and they have proved to be a great help in thickening my hair and helping my hair grow faster. Look for ones with a high level of biotin. You’ll need to be taking them consistently for 3 months to notice any difference, so stick with it and always check with your doctor if you are unsure about taking any new medication or supplements. 

"Another option that is worth a look is scalp massagers. They are a little brush, usually silicone, that you can use on your scalp in the shower or on dry hair to help improve circulation to the scalp, in turn improving the hair follicle quality. Be aware that you will need to massage for at least 10 minutes a day for up to 5 months to notice a difference, studies reveal. 

"If you are continuing to lose hair or noticing bald spots, consult your doctor as there may be an underlying issue that needs addressing by a medical professional.”

Meet the expert

Award-winning hairdresser and founder of Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing Robyn Wood

Robyn Wood is an award-winning hairdresser and founder of Perfect Silhouette Hairdressing. With over 17 years of experience, she has a passion for styling hair and all things weddings. Robyn has specialised in wedding and event hair for over six years, she is passionate about creating an inclusive industry alongside helping brides, grooms and newlyweds look and feel like their best on the biggest day of their lives.

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