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Should you apply conditioner before shampoo like Chrissy Teigen? We investigate...

February 16, 2016
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Chrissy Teigen recently caused a stir in the world of beauty when she revealed that she conditions her tresses before applying shampoo, crediting the method for keeping her hair looking healthy. HELLO! Online caught up with celebrity hairstylist Mark Hill to find out if there are benefits to making the switch in your haircare routine…

"It's not a regime I would recommend for everyone, but if it works for her then I won't argue!" he confessed. "Some people believe this method is particularly good for fine or limp textured hair, as the conditioner is totally washed out so it won't overload the hair."

chrissy teigen© Photo: Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen revealed she uses conditioner before shampoo to keep her hair healthy

However, Mark also admitted he believes this "may also wash out the nutrients you've just put in".

"A shampoo will rinse away any dirt, grease or product build up from the hair. Together with the warm water used, the cuticles covering the hair will open up to allow deeper penetration of the nutrients," he explained. "As well as packing your hair with these nutrients, a conditioner will also close the cuticles to leave the hair softer, smoother and shinier."

He added: "Some people think cream conditioners can sometimes be too heavy. But if you use the correct product for your hair type and rinse well, your hair will be full of life and easier to style."

Mark revealed that when it comes to applying conditioner, the focus should be more on finding the sections of hair that need nourishment – particularly if you're struggling to get fine hair looking healthy and shiny.

"I tell clients with finer hair to only apply conditioner from mid-lengths to the ends, or where the hair needs it the most," he explained. "The best way to do this is to pull your hair back into a ponytail and just apply the conditioner on the ponytail."

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