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This beauty blogger just revolutionised the way to cut your own fringe

March 7, 2016
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Beauty blogger Camila Bravo has caused a stir in the world of beauty after sharing a tutorial on how to cut your own fringe at home. The Colombian beauty took to Instagram to reveal her unusual trick – and beauty addicts have been hailing it as a time-saver to any beauty routine.

In the short video, Camila sections off the hair she wants to cut into a fringe and spritzes it with spray to make it wet, before twisting it in front of her face. She then takes scissors and roughly chops off the ends, before brushing out her fringe and blow-drying it straight.

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Beauty blogger Camila Bravo has revealed her trick to cutting her own fringe

Camila admitted in the video's accompanying caption that her method is slightly unorthodox, but explained that she had been using this trick to cut her own fringe "since forever ago".

"Before Calling me Crazy, I been cutting my own side bangs since forever ago," she wrote. "I love how they come out just by doing what I am showing here, so I thought I should share with you guys."

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Camila regularly shares tutorials on her YouTube channel and Instagram page

For those rocking curly tresses, Camila also shared a quick tip to ensure fans would get the look they were after. "If you have curly hair like myself cut them a little lower than the actual desire length," she explained. "Because keep in mind the hair will shrink."

Although the blogger shared the video a few weeks ago, it has recently gone viral and garnered thousands of likes, with many of the star's followers trying out the look for themselves, and flooding the comments section with messages of praise for the trick.

In another post, Camila explained she had started using the quirky method to cut her fringe because her hair kept growing so quickly, making it difficult to maintain the length. "I always had side bangs but my hair was so long already that they disappear, so I cut them again to gain some volume on the front of my face!" she explained.

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