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The top 10 beauty hacks for a perfect braid

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Braids are a huge trend this season, and are an easy way to master boho chic for the summer, whether you're hitting a festival or jet-setting on holiday. If you're thinking of opting for a simple plait or want to try something more intricate, there are simple beauty hacks that could help you achieve the perfect braid – and have shared their best ones with us.


chrissy teigen© Photo: Getty Images

There are easy tricks to master the braid trend

 Add texture

 Before starting the braid, spritz texturizing spray or powder all over the hair. This will calm the frizz while also adding volume to the hair. Not only is this ideal for a quick and simple look, but it also locks in the hair and keeps the style secure.

 Braid when wet

 Plait your hair when it's damp or wet to create a tight and secure finish. The water traps in the unruly smaller hairs to the plait, which means no flyaways!

Start simple

 There's no need to jumP straight into complicated French plaits and fishtails if you've never given braiding a go before. Start with a simple plaited ponytail, or even plait the two ends of pigtails and tie them together. By slowly working on your braiding technique, you'll be able to work towards more intricate styles.

naomi campbell© Photo: Getty Images

Naomi Campbell wowed with this dramatic plait at the CFDA awards

 Curl or wave your hair first

 Braiding curly or wavy hair will give the style an instant boost and added volume, especially around the crown. Just simply curl or wave using large tongs – a great tool for beach boho styles this summer.

 Style your hair before bedtime

 For a messy stylish braid, French plait your hair before you go to bed and sleep on it. When you wake up, simply spray with hairspray to secure and you will have a boho chic plait style.

 Try a halo braid

 This is a simple yet glamorous look that works well from day to night. Also known as the crown braid, this is created by plaiting a long ponytail, which is then wrapped around the head and across the front section. Pin to the side to secure.

fearne cotton© Photo: Getty Images

Fearne Cotton opted for a chic slightly undone side plait

Play with a fishtail style

 If you're after an alternative to the simple plait, this is the style for you. Start by dividing a ponytail into two sections, and then take a piece of hair from the left section and bring over the top of the right one. Repeat, this time starting with the right ponytail and taking the hair to the left. Continue working down until you run out of hair, and secure with a band.

 Spray and secure

 Always remember to secure your braid with hairspray after you've finished styling. A fixing hold spray is best – just add a light dusting across the whole head to keep your hair in place throughout the day.


Loosen strands

 If you're after a slightly undone style, just gently pull small strands from each section – use a small barber's comb to get the full effect without risking to completely loosen the plait.

 Add extensions

 Long hair is best for some braided styles but don't worry if you have short or layered hair – simply add clip-in hair extensions that can be worn whenever you want, and can be ideal for plaiting.

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