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How to curl your hair with straighteners

GHD hair

The Victoria's Secret models often give us hair envy with their perfect wavy locks, but the good news is that it's actually much easier to recreate their curls than it looks. We paid a visit to the GHD headquarters in London, where GHD stylist and Education Manager Anton Alexander gave us a step-by-step guide of how to curl your hair with straighteners on Facebook Live.

GHD stylist Anton Alexander shows how to curl your hair with straighteners

Using a GHD styler will create a smoother curl than tongs or a curling wand, and is also more versatile.

  • Start by sectioning off the hair so you can work on smaller pieces at a time. Anton advises that using smaller sections of hair will create a tighter curl, while larger pieces will give a loose wave.
  • Spray the hair with GHD Curl Hold spray before styling for heat protection and to create longer lasting curls.
  • Take one piece of hair at a time and place the styler near the top, a couple of inches away from the roots. Clamp the hair with the styler facing downwards vertically and then twist it round.

"I like to put my hand at the bottom and do full turn, then gently slide it down the hair," Anton told HELLO! during his tutorial.

The stylist also recommended that you only hold the styler lightly instead of clamping it tightly onto your hair, as it is not the pressure that gives you the curl but the heat and the styling technique.

  • Repeat the technique until all of your hair is in loose curls. If you prefer more defined curls you can leave it like this, but if you want a looser wave you can brush it through for a more relaxed finish.
  • Spritz a paddle brush with hair spray and brush it through gently to blend the curls together and pin one side back behind your ears for an effortlessly glamorous finish.

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