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Nicole Kidman wishes she didn’t destroy her curls by straightening her hair

nicole kidman
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Even superstars like Nicole Kidman have regrets about past hairstyles. The stunning actress recently revealed that she can longer grow her iconic spiral curls and wishes she didn’t ‘torture’ her hair with straightening styles and treatments. The Lion star admitted that she wanted to change her luscious locks to live up to what she considered to be the "Aussie beach girl" stereotype. "I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair," Nicole told Australia’s Who magazine, adding that unfortunately she couldn’t change her appearance no matter how hard she tried. "I was never going to be that," the mother-of-four explained.

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The actress wanted suntanned skin and long blond hair

Nicole desperately wishes that she could turn back the clock and get her original hair texture. "I wish I had my curls back," admitted the 49-year-old. The actress hopes her fans don't make the mistake she did and goes on to advise women to embrace their natural hair, saying: "Don't ruin the ringlets!'' Even though Nicole has struggled with her own appearance over the years, she says her husband Keith Urban loves her just the way she is. She told the publication that the Country crooner finds her ‘the most beautiful' when she wakes up in the morning, bare faced and wearing no makeup.

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Keith Urban loves when Nicole Kidman barely wears any makeup

It’s already been an incredible year for Nicole, who has garnered rave reviews for her performance in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Next up, the actress will enter the sci-fi world of How to Talk to Girls at Parties alongside Elle Fanning and Ruth Wilson, as well as starring roles in The Beguiled, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Aquaman.

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