Find out how many calories you're burning

Most of us are on a health kick following the indulgent festive period. But did you know which exercises help shift the most pounds?

HELLO! Online gives you the lowdown on how many calories you can burn from doing different exercises, including walking and yoga, for one hour based on a female who weighs 140 pounds (10 stone).



Running is a cheap and effective way to get into shape. If you run at 7.5 mph, you can burn a staggering 833 calories.


If you're after more of a low impact exercise, walking can still be beneficial. A moderate pace of 3 mph will help you burn 220 calories.


Cycling is a good way to get some fresh air, tone up and can also be a great family activity. A moderate pace (12-13.9 mph) will burn off 533 calories.


This is a minimum low-impact sport that works the entire body and can provide dramatic results. Just a slow place of 50 yards per minute of front crawl will burn off 533 calories.


Combining simple dance moves with a hypnotic Latin beat, Zumba is more popular than ever. A total body workout, it can burn 500 calories per hour.


While comparatively low in its effectiveness at burning calories – 175 for the hatha method — yoga targets mind, body and soul.