Think yourself thin: Weight-loss tips from a hypnotherapist

Do you struggle to lose weight? Are you always on a diet? Claire Benson, a hypnotherapist specialising in weight reduction, has some top tips to help you think yourself thin…


There is no doubt that your mind is incredibly powerful. Everything that shows on the outside of you once started off as a thought. From the clothes that you wear to the way you cut your hair – all outward manifestations of you all started off as thoughts. The same is true of your weight. Luckily, when you make the conscious decision to get slim, and are completely committed to that decision, your unconscious mind starts to line up your inner resources and strengths to make it happen.

So, what can you do to think yourself thin? Here are five of my favourite amazing mind techniques:

1. Watch your language. Never use the phrase "lose weight". Why? Well when we lose something we normally want to find it again. Try talking about: reducing your weight, getting slim or releasing your excess weight.

2. Use your brilliant inner-resources. All of us have plenty of inner resources that help us do all of the things in life we do. So ask yourself, “What do I need to help me reduce my weight?” and listen for the answers. For example, you might need:

Knowledge about food and nutrition so that you eat the right foods in the right quantities
Determination so you can stick with your eating plan whatever tempts you
Motivation giving you the desire to change what you need to change
Self-belief that you can do it!

Amazingly your inner-resources are transferable from one challenge to another, so when you’ve identified what you need, you can remember a time when you’ve experienced that quality in a different part of your life and use it to help you with your new way of eating.

3. Rehearse your game plan. We all know that sports people use their imaginations to practise their game or race - it’s called a technical rehearsal. You can use the same technique to help you; you can imagine yourself eating in way that will enable you to reduce your weight and you can even imagine yourself saying “no” to any foods or drinks that tempt you.

4. Keep a food diary. This will help you understand when your vulnerable times are (times of the day, times of the week, times of the month), then you can focus your energy and attention on those times to ensure success.

5. Plan, plan, plan. Plan your meals so you know what you are eating and when you are eating, plan your shopping and only buy foods that will help you get slim, plan your cupboards so you never have tempting unhelpful foods close to hand.

Claire Benson is a London hypnotherapist specialising in weight reduction. Her book Weightogogo is available from Amazon - click here.

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