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Celebrity personal trainer Nicki Waterman shares her top fitness tips

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With over 20 years' experience as a personal trainer and celebrity clients including Robbie Williams, Mel C and Kelly Brook, Nicki Waterman has cemented her reputation as one of the UK's leading fitness experts. Now the Slendertone ambassador shares her top fitness and diet tips with HELLO! Online.

Long, boring workouts aren't the best way to lose weight

How long your workout is isn't as important as how strong your workout is. You can get great results from a short 20-minute high-intensity workout, combined with the right tools, making it easy to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Try my 20-minute Slendertone Body Blitz workouts.

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Use resistance training for a toned and tight body

A lot of women don't want to start a weight-training programme because they're afraid to bulk up. But you can't get a toned and tight body without lifting weights. Resistance training adds much needed muscle to speed up your metabolism.

Set specific and realistic goals

If you start a fitness programme with no real idea of what you want to achieve, the chances are you'll achieve very little. Set yourself a goal before you start. It might be "I want to lose half a stone by X", or "I want to run a 10km race in X".

Make your goal specific, time-framed and realistic and you've a great chance of reaching it.

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Nicki Waterman has trained celebrity clients including Mel C

Eat a healthy balanced diet

Classify the food you eat as good (vegetables, fruit, lean meats), bad (starches, bread) and ugly (dessert, alcohol). Fill up on the good first and then move on to the others.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be much easier with the support and motivation from the Slendertone range of toning products. Even just wearing one of the products can encourage better choices for yourself; you may find yourself moving more, skipping more calorie-laden food, and making other lifestyle choices that can contribute to weight loss.

With Slendertone, you'll start to see results after four weeks, so you need to ensure you stick to your plan and keep using your device.

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