Six ways to maintain weightloss motivation

As January progresses, our motivation to lose weight wanes.

To inspire you to keep up the good work, HELLO! Online has compiled six top tips…


1. Set reasonable goals. Trying to achieve too much in a small amount of time can even be detrimental to your weight loss results. Work out how much you need to lose and strive to do it slowly, but surely.

2. Cut down, don't cut out. The moment you start to deprive yourself of something, you start to crave it. Instead, allow yourself a little bit of something naughty that you really love from time to time, but make sure to limit your intake.

3. Chart your progress. Weigh yourself every week and write the number down. Then whenever you feel discouraged, being able to see your long-term progress will help to boost your motivation.

4. Focus on health. See your new diet and exercise regime as a lifestyle change, rather than a way to lose weight. This will help you steer clear of your old, bad habits.

5. After slipping up, get right back into it again. Don't beat yourself up about a bar of chocolate or a missed workout. It doesn't erase all of the hard work, so just move on and pick up where you left off.

6. Have visual goals. If there's an outfit you used to love that you can no longer wear, hang it up in your bedroom. Seeing it will help to boost your determination.