The best cures for a bloated stomach

There's nothing like a bloated stomach to leave you feeling uncomfortable or sometimes even in pain. Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks from gentle exercises or changes in your diet that can have you feeling better in no time.

We take a look at the best cures for a bloated stomach…


There are some easy ways to cure and avoid a bloated stomach

Take the time to eat your food

Chewing too quickly or eating on-the-go makes you swallow a lot of gas-producing air, which can cause uncomfortable bloating. Make sure you always chew your food well, sip drinks straight from a cup instead of a straw, and save your meals until you have the chance to sit down and savour them.

Drink more tea

Peppermint tea can really help to banish the bloat. Just one mug contains enough relaxant and antispasmodic properties to help relieve cramps and allow gas to pass through the system without irritating the stomach.

Avoid sweeteners

You might think that swapping your full fat fizzy drink for a diet version is a healthier choice, but in reality, artificial sweeteners can be just as bad for you. Our stomachs aren’t designed to break down these sweeteners, leading to bloating. Cut down on all fizzy drinks and chewing gum and you’ll start to see a difference.

Snack on celery

Not only do you burn more calories than you consume when crunching on celery, but its chemicals are known to reduce fluid retention. The high water content also helps flush out the toxins in your system, leading to a flat, healthy tummy.

Avoid salt and artificial sweeteners as these can cause bloating

Say ‘no’ to salt

Ready meals already contain high quantities of salt and, when you combine that with reaching for the salt shaker, it isn’t only bad for your heart, but your belly too. Too much sodium makes the body retain water, causing bloating.

Get cooking

Whilst it may be easier to snack on raw vegetables, cooking them helps break down fiber. In turn, your body has an easier time digesting the meal.

Take a hike

Whilst going for a walk may seem like the last thing you want to do when you’ve got a swollen stomach, moving around will help move the gas through your system.

Stay hydrated

Whilst drinking too much water may leave you with a temporary bloat, sipping on a glass or two will help flush out any excess salt in your system and keep your digestive tract moving.